28 January 2013

One of the team-building events we organised recently was for Norgine Pharmaceuticals. They wanted a team-building event as part of their Centenary Celebrations.

These celebrations involved 350 delegates from 18 different countries coming together for a conference. Norgine wanted an experience that would highlight that:

  • They are ONE team with a shared vision; and
  • Everyone, regardless of their location, is an important part of the brand and the company’s past and future success.

The team created an art masterpiece of epic proportions
We based our solution on one of our most popular activities, THE BIG PICTURE.

Why was it decided to use the BIG PICTURE solution?

The client wanted an activity that would be celebratory, something that would also break the ice at the beginning of the conference as well as integrate and unite the group. They wanted an activity that was collaborative, inclusive and something tangible that could be taken away after the event. The BIG PICTURE met all these criteria.


Before a BIG PICTURE event, our designers create a digital image that captures the essence of your organisation:

  • Current realities;
  • Clients;
  • People;
  • Values; 
  • Mission; and 
  • Aspirations.

Your team is then challenged to recreate this artwork, in giant form, using paints and other art materials.

For Norgine, we began by:

  • Researching the company;
  • Interviewing the leadership team; and
  • Getting input from personnel across all levels and function in the various regions.

This enabled us to design a digital picture depicting:

  • Norgine’s 100 years of success; and
  • The company values, products, icons, milestones and aspirations.

How did the event pan out?

On the first day of the conference, delegates were formed into 64 teams. All these teams had to work together to paint a giant artwork made up of 128 canvases.

Each team had to communicate and coordinate with every other team to establish what exactly had to be drawn and then painted on their canvases to ensure it fitted in perfectly with the giant artwork.

Most of the delegates did not share a common language and they had to create innovative ways of ensuring the message they wanted to communicate was done so clearly and effectively.

Once all the canvases had been painted, our team assembled the separate canvases into a pre-made structure that became the set, incorporating the AV screens, for the three-day conference.

After breakfast the next morning, the picture was revealed to amazed delegates amid a pyrotechnics show and African dancers and singers.

Was the event a success?

It was a huge success. It was the unveiling of the BIG PICTURE, there was great excitement and total astonishment at how magnificent it was. There were tears of joy, hugging and ‘high-fiving’ as the group saw the unbelievable fruits of their efforts and gained an insight in to the possibilities that lay ahead of them if they could take the lessons from this exercise back to their workplace.

The event won numerous international awards and is still talked about in the company as their best team-building event ever.