22 August 2013

We recently received the following from one of our clients.

Dear Dream Team,

I would like to thank you and your team for once again being part of creating a memorable event for the AGSA in Kimberley. After making use of your services for our Big Picture in March we decided to do an action packed competitive team event. The selection of which team session we wanted was made extremely easy by using your Event finder function on your website. This assisted us to narrow down our options and eventually choose the Gold Rush event.

The team-building activities provided an opportunity for high-impact learning, increased team skills and communications, and improved morale and productivity. Employees benefited through experiencing a sense of accomplishment in working as a group to complete a challenging task and learning ways to improve communication skills. The team building session allowed employees to return to the office reinvigorated and with a new set of problem-solving skills.

Benefits of the session:

  • Increased team effectiveness and productivity.
  • Enhanced communication within the team.
  • A greater understanding of the impact team members have on each other.
  • Translating organisational goals into the team outcomes.
  • Understanding the role of leadership and how to direct and support a team.
  • Developing a culture of trust which is a key factor in determining team success.
  • Proper planning to ensure maximum utilisation of resources. (Allocation of roles)

Challenges incurred during the session which the teams learned from:

  • Breakdown of communication within the teams. However, teams kept calm and focused on the big picture.
  • Adapting to changing circumstances. The importance of having a back-up plan when plan A fails.
  • Don’t place all your reliance on technology/equipment.

I would appreciate it, if you can convey our sincere appreciation to the team that presented the event in Kimberley, in a very professional and fun way.

Kind regards,
Melanie Bruno


Deputy Business Executive • Northern Cape • Auditor-General of South Africa