10 July 2013

Yes we know it’s a cliché but time really has flown! It seems like just the other day when we did our first event with Roche Vitamins and Fine Chemicals Division. It was in fact early February 1992

We have been entertaining and motivating clients for the past 21 years. We all know that once you turn 21 you get the keys to the door and are considered an adult so we would like to take this opportunity to propose a toast to our company Dream Team Catalyst and all of our wonderful clients who have helped us reach this milestone.

It’s a long story. Where do we begin? Let’s take a walk down memory lane.


Theo de Villiers and Gerry Skerritt join forces and create Dream Team Adventures. How different things were then!  The office was Block C of Central Office Park (about 400 metres from our current offices). They started by renting an office from the Tea Council which was disbanded a year later and our intrepid fledgling entrepreneurs took over the lease for the whole ground floor and then sub-leased to Grand Central Motors (Mercedes-Benz) Fleet Division. Teambuilding in South Africa was in its infancy then and our portfolio sure was limited! Paintball, a home-grown program called Survival and more Paintball in the form of target shooting.  But the boys started gaining a reputation as smooth operators, reliable, creative and customer focussed and soon it was time to expand!


The founders meet up with Geoff Griffin and are fascinated to learn some of the things Geoff had been doing in the more established UK teambuilding world. They soon realise that the industry was changing and it was time for Dream Team to change too. Geoff becomes the third partner at Dream Team and our teambuilding events evolve from being purely recreational to experiential and process driven.


Dream Team decides to invest BIG. Thanks to our relationship with Glenburn Lodge, they allow us to build our own Low and High Ropes Course (The Tower of Empowerment) on their up and coming venue.

It was a brave decision, but it has turned out to be the best investment we have ever made

Geoff Griffin

The Dream Team’s events portfolio is growing rapidly and the business starts moving to new heights. Time for a “new logo”…

Old Dream Team logo


It is time to expand as we enter the new millennium. A fresh-faced Tuks Human Movement Science Graduate JP Grové (Theo used to introduce him as having a degree in aerobics) is employed as a dedicated ropes specialist. Tom joins in September 2000 and we move into our current offices, in Constantia Park, Midrand. Our Portfolio now consists of Dream Team Challenge, Low and High Ropes, Sur5or Challenge, LazerKlay, Archery and of course Quad Biking.


It is time to get a new look and feel and our super-hero themed logo is unveiled. 

Old Dream Team Superhero logo

Inspired by a travel themed reality show that has everyone intrigued and wanting to get a taste of the experience we spend six months researching and developing our version of the still popular Amazing Race. It is an instant hit and gives birth to a whole new genre of Dream Team events


We Launch Gold Rush – To date our most popular event EVER!  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since we were briefed by a very loyal client - who had done it all before! “I don’t care what event you do for us – it just better be awesome!”  Long days around the boardroom table discussing ideas and long nights in the workshop testing them out and….. Gold Rush is born!


Time for a quantum leap. We partner with Catalyst Global the undisputed world leaders in team development activities then and still to this day and increase our portfolio tenfold literally overnight. Says Gerry Skerritt “Signing with Catalyst Global and becoming part of a growing global network of likeminded teambuilding professionals was the easiest decision and the smartest move we have ever made as a company.  It has helped us to grow as individuals and as a company and with an almost unlimited choice of events we know that we can meet each and every organisation’s needs, no matter how complex. That’s a great feeling for any business owner”. We kick off with a FlashMaster for SAB and a Big Picture for Virgin Atlantic (To celebrate their 21st birthday)

Dream Team's first Big Picture


And then there were four. Tom signs on to become the fourth partner at Dream Team and his first priority is to expand the Operations Department to cope with the exponential growth in business. Lots of work was done to make The Big Picture (already a great event) more relevant to our clients. The Big Picture has been a fantastic success for us, (for many it has become our signature event), and will continue to be as more and more clients see the value in the power of this unique collaborative event.


It had to happen, didn’t it! We re-brand again. But this time we find exactly what we are looking for!

Dream Team Catalyst logo

As Dream Team becomes more and more integrated with the Catalyst Global family we seal the marriage by adopting a double-barrelled surname and the iconic and meaningful Tangram symbol. Dream Team Catalyst is born. Our last event of the year was The Miss World Sports Event that we designed and staged at Glenburn Lodge for 114 exceptionally intelligent, talented and beautifully young ladies. Menzi still hasn’t got over the fact that his expertise was needed elsewhere that day!

Dream Team Catalyst Miss World


As World Cup Fever hit South Africa Dream Team enter whole-heartedly in to the spirit of what was to become a yearlong party. We introduce Fever Pitch as really innovative energiser activity that captures the energy & spirit of FIFA’s showcase event before it starts. We join Brand South Africa to promote Soccer Fridays and even stage an event at the Union Buildings with Deputy Presidents, Ministers and MP’s playing our new speed soccer and giant penalty shootout games. We organise the biggest ever Big Picture in Africa where 3000 people paint a giant artwork that is displayed at Gold Reef City (and afterwards made in to a billboard placed alongside the highways leading to the stadiums) to welcome all the travelling soccer fans to South Africa. We are awarded a contract to provide entertainment activities for the duration of the tournament at one of the busiest fan parks in Gauteng. Finally we design and stage an amazing post World Cup soccer themed event for YPO on the pitch at Soccer City which was attended by some of Johannesburg’s captains of industry and a host sporting and media personalities. The event was filmed for SuperSport.

Dream Team Catalyst World Cup


They said it would never work! But we did it, we launch the most unique collaborative teambuilding event ever conceptualised - Orchestrate along with 14 other pretty unique (some revolutionary) programs. Today we have Crescendo and Bonne Soiree as derivative but differentiated classical music experiences.


We would like to congratulate all the staff both current and past for helping to grow Dream Team Catalyst into its adulthood. BUT most of all we would like to thank every single client from the past 21 years for trusting and allowing us into your business. For letting us engage with your most valuable assets - your people. We believe the ability to play and have fun is a vital part of any successful organisation. We have been doing it for 21 years, and although we are no longer children we promise one thing – we will never stop playing. We raise my glass to you all! CHEERS!

The Dream Team

Cheers, Dream Team Catalyst, Happy 21st!