22 August 2013

Why not get Dream Team Catalyst to join you at your next outbound event?

We know that planning an event out of the borders of South Africa, and into Africa can be a hit and miss affair. Where to stay, which suppliers to rely on and who to run your teambuilding are all things that need to be taken into consideration. Give us a call and let us see how we can help you? In the past few years we have travelled outside our borders and delivered amazing events all over the African continent.

Below is just a few of the countries we have visited and hosted some of our most popular events.

  • Mauritius: Amazing Race, Big Picture, Sur5or and Dream Team Challenge.
  • Nigeria: Sur5or, Big Picture, Dream Team Challenge.
  • Ghana: Gold Rush, Dream Team Challenge.
  • Zambia: Gold Rush, Sur5or, Big Picture.
  • Namibia: Photopoly, Fifteen Famous Minutes, Trading Post, Dream Team Challenge and True Colours.
  • Tanzania: Dream Team Challenge and Sur5or.
  • Kenya: Dream Team Challenge, Sur5or and Big Picture.
  • Swaziland: T-shirt Masterpiece, Sur5or, Big Picture, Gold Rush, Minute to Win It, Trading Post and Need 4 Speed.
  • Botswana: Gold Rush, Big Picture, Sur5or and Dream Team Challenge.

If you are conferencing or hosting an event anywhere in the world we have a team that can help you. Being part of the Catalyst group of companies guarantees a quality of delivery consistent with the great products and service you have come to expect from Dream Team Catalyst.