20 September 2013

Yes! Before you know it 2013 will soon be over. Spring has sprung and here in sunny Gauteng it feels like summer already.

Work colleagues are talking in the corridors, wondering what the company has up their sleeves for the 2013 year-end event.  You booked out a fancy restaurant last year, went to a show in 2011 and had an 80’s party before that. Surely it is time to do something different?

Dream Team Catalyst we would like to offer you exactly that. This year combine your year-end party with a fun filled teambuilding event. Dream Team Catalyst events are all great fun, adaptable and can be hosted almost anywhere and at any venue. It really doesn’t matter if you would like to do something in or out doors- we have the event for you!

For indoor events we suggest you consider one of the following:

Haute Couture, River Runner, Trade Winds, Orchestrate or Bean around the World.

But it is warm and as summer approaches you may wish to do an outdoor event. Choose one of the events listed below and we will make it even more memorable by taking photos throughout– You will receive a disk with all the digital photographs and a custom made video made from animated photographs set to upbeat music- all for FREE! Choose from the following:

Flat Out Series, Team Sur5or, High and Low Ropes, Beats Work.

And then we kept the best for last! The Amazing Race!

We start the event at your offices! We provide team vehicles with a driver! The suspense has been building as no one knows where they will be going! All the teams follow a specific route, collecting clues and stopping along the way to complete team tasks. Everybody is a winner as we arrive at the secret final destination- your restaurant or venue of choice. The event will conclude with an official awards ceremony where we hand over the optional cool million to our Amazing Race champions! This is a guaranteed winner and will be the year-end event that will have all the staff talking about for years to come.

Contact us now on events@dreamteam.co.za or 011 8054261. We can tailor make any event to suit your needs.