Dream Team Challenge


  • 4 hours - 8 hours
  • Outdoors
  • Competitive and Collaborative
  • Minimum: 10
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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Delegates learn valuable lessons that they can apply back at the workplace whilst having really great fun

Program outline

Effective team training requires a special environment and some innovative and stimulating tools. Our unique Dream Team Challenge, team working and team development days create an atmosphere to inspire delegates to do their very best and to learn as much as they can, while having a memorable time and a positive experience.  

The appeal lies in the fact that delegates learn valuable lessons that they can apply back at the workplace whilst having really great fun. The Dream Team Challenge can be customised to the company values or conference message and can include any of the standalone activities that we offer as well as over 50 team challenges and games that we have developed to specifically stimulate discussion and learning on the factors that impact on team performance. When you choose the Dream Team Challenge you know that each experience will be focused on your teams’ unique needs and will be entirely original.

The delegates are engaged in team activities ranging from classic "physical" team building exercises, to consensus and logic problems. Experiential team development activities are undertaken utilising specially designed props that are brought in on the day as well as an impressive array of permanent activities that are located at selected venues around the country. The emphasis is on experiential, relevant learning and the programs utilise a hands on approach where possible. A maximum of 25% of the total course time is spent in the classroom. The format here is interactive, motivational and practical. No lectures or rigid content here. Our facilitators are able to maximise the value to your particular group by adapting their style and approach to each client.

The teams are given the opportunity to test and develop their planning, strategic, communication, leadership and creativity skills. Different team building activities yield different outcomes (Relevant exercises will be selected in the light of discussions with you and or your team). Each activity is debriefed in a positive and forward looking style by our experienced and qualified trainers to identify relevant learning about individual and team behaviour. This learning is applied to real challenges that the group face back at the workplace.

The processes and techniques that we employ encourage the team to celebrate and build on their successes and to problem solve and avoid apportioning blame when things don’t go as planned.

All of our programs include tools and processes as “take-aways” to assist with keeping up the spirit and motivation of the team long after the event.

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