Quickfire Creative, mental & active tasks


  • 1 hour - 4 hours
  • Indoors and Outdoors
  • Competitive
  • Minimum: 20
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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Flexible format with menu driven team working challenges
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Program outline

Quickfire is a competitive app based team building game.  Each team starts the game with a tablet, a box of equipment and a small amount of game currency. Their quest is to complete as many challenges within a given timeframe to maximise their points to out-perform other teams and win the game.

The mental, creative and physical challenges come in varied difficulty levels and a variety of forms – photo, video, single answer, multiple choice, logic puzzles and more!

Teams get down to selecting from the 100s of challenges each has a cost to attempt and a reward for successful completion. Individuals have no time to hold back, they reveal their strengths by selecting the challenges they are confident they can complete. Individuals with similar strengths form groups to complete challenges together.  Some challenges, however, will require the participation of everyone in the group adding to the need for decisive leadership, strategy and effective communication.

The pace of the action builds steadily as time is running out! This reaches fever pitch in the closing minutes of the event creating an extraordinary atmosphere of fun, laughter and urgency. The winning team crowned the victor. 

Quickfire is a great option for short energising breaks throughout the day and ideal too for turning mundane tea breaks in to creative fun zones. The delegates are kept on their toes as they never know what the next challenge will entail. It may well be related to the preceding conference session. Now there's a good incentive to pay attention!  

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Key Business Benefits

  • Budget control
  • Fun & Motivation
  • Managing change
  • Practical leadership
  • Project planning
  • Risk management
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniting Teams

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