Gold Rush


  • 2 hours - 4 hours
  • Outdoors
  • Competitive
  • Minimum: 20
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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Your team’s task is to go out there and get your hands on as much of the gold as possible.

Program outline

Sensational teambuilding experience guaranteed to appeal to every delegate, while generating a sense of energy, urgency and competitive spirit. 

This exciting activity mirrors the challenges and rewards of real business. The surrounding area is literally paved with gold coins (each worth R100, 000). It’s a long story about how it got there, but in a nutshell it has been lost for so long that it is now considered “finders keepers”.

Your team’s task is to go out there and get your hands on as much of the gold as possible. But if you think that this activity is a mere treasure hunt then you are in for a shock! You will be required to think and act on 8 levels simultaneously and only the teams that really understand the value of multitasking without losing focus will be successful at the end of the day.

Some of the treasure is limited – only the first team there will get it. Other treasure is available for everyone who locates it. Here you need to retrieve a secret code and swap it for cash at the Claims Administrator (CA). The CA’s office is the last outpost of bureaucracy! Unless you follow the correct procedure your claim will not be processed. These procedures, which are clearly laid out upfront, vary according to the treasure trove claimed include stipulations about individual characteristics of team members who make the claim. Planning your work, working your plan and avoiding the temptation to cut corners has never been so important!

Along the way you can earn extra rewards by completing various tasks. Every 30 minutes a press release is issued. Some are freely available. Others are given behind closed doors to a paying audience. The information at these press releases offers your team a golden opportunity to substantially increase your wealth BUT in order to profit from the information you have to be there – ON TIME – snooze you lose!

EVERYONE can add value regardless of rank, experience, education, physical fitness or skill level. The level playing field created by the GoldRush makes this a compelling activity for a cross functional or top to bottom of the organisation event.

Goldrush has been used many times in CRM, Knowledge Management, Customer Service, Cultural Diversity, Strategic Planning & Communication programs.

GoldRush works just as well with a small group or a big group.

So top telling your people the value of business intelligence, planning and communication and show them.... with GoldRush.

We promise that the rewards will be both instant and immense!

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