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Programs in association with The De Bono Institute, a division of The Competitive Thinking Company.

Program outline

De Bono Creativity Series  

We offer the following programs in association with The De Bono Institute a division of The Competitive Thinking Company.

The De Bono Institute, as a division of Competitive Thinking Company, provides certified de Bono training programmes in Southern Africa. These programmes include:

Lateral Thinking™

This programme seeks to dispel the myths that surround the process of creativity and puts forward Dr. de Bono's theory of lateral thinking, and provides a number of powerful and effective tools for deliberately generating ideas as and when required. While lateral thinking is widely used and has even found its way into the Oxford English Dictionary, when asked "what is lateral thinking?", few people accurately answer the question.

Dr. de Bono says "the purpose of thinking is to collect information and to make the best possible use of it. Because of the way the mind works to create fixed concept patterns, we cannot make the best use of information unless we have some means of restructuring these old patterns (insight) and provoking new ones (creativity). But whereas both these processes are usually only recognised after they have happened, lateral thinking is a deliberate way of using information in order to bring them about".

Six Thinking Hats ®

Based on principles of parallel thinking, this programme seeks to categorise thinking, and to consciously focus one's thinking on any one category at a time. It is a dynamic and interactive training programme that prepares participants for running effective meetings, solving group problems and fostering a spirit of creativity within an organisation.The Six Thinking Hats programme puts forward a very simple concept which allows someone to think one thing at a time. He or she becomes able to separate emotion from logic, creativity from information, and so on. Putting on any one of the six thinking hats defines a certain type of thinking. Dr. de Bono maintains, "the six thinking hats allow us to conduct our thinking as a conductor might lead an orchestra. Similarly, in any meeting it is very useful to switch people out of their usual track in order to get them to think differently about the matter at hand".

Direct Attention Thinking Tools™

DATT puts forward 10 simple thinking techniques that assist participants in solving problems and helps them to develop more constructive and effective thinking processes in their day-to-day routines. You cannot dig another hole by digging an existing hole deeper. Dr. de Bono believes that " thinking is as fundamental a skill as reading and writing - a skill that underpins most other areas of development". He adds, "if the thinking behind an action is inadequate, the resulting action will be inadequate too". Designed in a deliberate and structured way, these simple thinking tools can have dramatic results in increasing productivity and improving decision-making in your organisation. By using DATT in an effective way, your employees can become visionary, take on new responsibilities, be innovative and achieve results.


TOYS! stands for Think On Your Seat! - A 12-week training programme specifically designed for Call Centre agents and based on Dr. de Bono's Direct Attention Thinking Tools™. Participants will learn how to improve customer service by communicating with customers and perceiving their queries and problems in a totally different way.

Dr. de Bono has held faculty appointments at Oxford, London, Cambridge and Harvard. He is universally regarded as the leading authority on teaching thinking as a skill. He originated the concept of lateral thinking and has developed formal techniques for deliberate creative thinking. He has written fifty-six books, which have been translated into thirty-four languages, has made two television series for the BBC and boasts over four million references to his work on the internet (including this one!). He has even been named by a group of South African university professors as one of the 250 people in all of history who have contributed most to humanity. His ideas have influenced governments and major companies the world over.


  • Stimulates creativity
  • Improves work processes
  • Improves confidence & competence


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