• 1 hour - 2 hours
  • Indoors
  • Collaborative
  • Minimum: 10
  • Maximum: Unlimited

Training is participatory in nature, giving people the opportunity to develop and practice new skills.

Program outline

Leveraging the power of diversity!

The concept of Diversity is often presented as very complex and something that cannot be put into words.

The Dream Team has developed an approach to Diversity, which is straightforward without sacrificing the serious nature and depth of the topic. While programs utilise a variety of sophisticated methods, they have been designed in a way that is very comprehensive and can be customised for any specific work environment.

Training is designed to be experiential and highly interactive. Training is participatory in nature, providing participants with the opportunity to develop and practice new skills as they learn to apply them to real world situations they may be facing.

It is not possible to move forward in Diversity if the chosen methodology either fails to address the tough issues or, in so doing, offends large portions of the participant groups. Our programs ARE confrontational. However we confront the issues NOT the people.

High "Skills/Awareness" Ratio

Awareness is important. However, awareness alone produces very little organizational change. In our programs, we take participants beyond awareness, supplying them with skills and real-world implementation tools.

The goal is to help organizations and teams develop the skills and techniques to apply the Diversity concepts from the training back-on-the-job, in a way that will benefit both the individual and the company. We adopt a hands-on approach to understanding pluralism and implementing diversity initiatives in an organisation. We use practical easy to understand activities and exercises to assist with getting across the key concepts and to assist with shifting of paradigms and attitudes.

Training Objectives

  • Utilize the diverse ideas and experiences of all people in the workplace.
  • Build rapport between people who are culturally, racially, and by gender different.
  • Understand and demonstrate to others the benefits of pluralism in the workplace.
  • Overcome fear and resentment of diversity initiatives.

Training Methods

  • 11 group discussion sessions help discover the roots of beliefs about different cultures.
  • 12 games bring enthusiasms to the session and illustrate the value of individual uniqueness in the workplace.
  • 6 case studies encourage participants to think through tough issues.
  • 10 written exercises and questionnaires stimulate personal introspection and reflection about beliefs and goals.
  • 11 small group and team exercises challenge participants to move from stereotyping to appreciating real cultural differences.


  • Promotes group harmony
  • Changes mindsets
  • Offers review and reflection


Key Business Benefits

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