Battle of the Big Top

Teams organise, stage, manage & perform a circus show

4 - 8 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
70 - Unlimited


Battle of the Big Top is an exhilarating, energetic and demanding experience that climaxes with a unique circus performance specially created by the delegates. They organise, stage, manage and perform their show in front of a genuine invited audience! In less than one day and with the expert guidance of professional artists, budding circus stars learn and perfect skills to become seasoned performers.

All skills require a collective team approach and vary from stilt-walking, clowning, trapeze, juggling, floor gymnastics and walking the low-wire amongst others. There are also a host of behind the scenes roles that are equally important, such as stagehands, show calling, sound and lighting, as well as, of course, the Ring Master! These new-found-skills are then choreographed into a performance. The grand finale is the perfect showcase for a united team as they perform the ‘Greatest Show on Earth!’ Everyone is bursting with pride as their hard work is rewarded with cheers and applause.

Learning Outcomes

In Battle of the Big Top, everyone contributes and learns a new skill or two that they may have initially thought impossible. This adrenaline-fuelled and unforgettable event inspires individuals to go beyond their personal expectations. It is also a fantastic way to encourage collaboration, leadership and creativity whilst, at the same time, communicating and managing all the resources and, in so doing, reflecting the true spirit of the circus.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

Battle Of The Big Top has been used to create a special occasion for disadvantaged youth. After perfecting your act children are invited into the 'Big Top' and served with popcorn and other treats. They are then entertained in a truly unique fashion watching your own circus show.

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