Construction & Invention

Apply effective communication, role allocation, time management to a fun, creative task.

In construction and invention activities participants teams apply creativity and practical business processes to a hands on activity. Through tactile, experiential learning teams create neural pathways for positive behaviours and become a memorable shared experience that can be used for reflection and discussion long into the future. And, they are great for team bonding and a lot of fun!

Teams construct an object like a life-size F1 racing car, boat, 4WD SUV, motorbike or miniature cities, bridges, golf courses and the like. Starting with a set of plans, limited time, and resources, teams decide on roles and responsibilities. Teams separate into smaller action groups to complete specific tasks like preparation or assembly of parts. A team comes back together to complete the assembly and then a creative period of decoration ensures.

To successfully complete the process, teams must efficiently employ effective project planning skills such as effective communication, role allocation, time and resource management. Throughout the process teams must use precision and quality control to ensure a good result is achieved. In collaborative construction events, this is even more essential as the final result relies on the precision of all team's elements of the construction.

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