Culinary Challenge

Teamwork is on the Menu!

2 - 3 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
20 - 200


After welcomes, introductions and a fun ice-breaker we brief the delegates on the challenge that we have prepared for them. We then announce the teams and get the ball rolling. Each team selects an envelope which contains the name of the dish they will be creating and its pot luck as to what they draw.

Depending on how much time is available for us, we present a host of activities and tasks that need to be completed in approximately 1 hour. Upon successful completion the teams are rewarded with "cash" and can use this to buy ingredients, recipes, equipment and materials.

The cooking then begins and the teams learn that they are not simply creating an appetising dish but that they have to build a restaurant - Apprentice style!

Learning Outcomes

They will be required to set and decorate a table in their restaurant, they will have to name it, theme it and design a poster advertising it as well as a menu description. Before dinner they will present their creation to the judges.

After the first hour, when the majority of the preparation is done and the decor and marketing has been completed we introduce other challenges that keep the team busy whilst one or two people take it in turns to "watch the pot". After the meal, the judges are in a position to award the overall winning team their trophies and titles. A high impact end to a memorable experience!

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