Team Sur5or

3 - 10 hours
10 - Unlimited


A SURVIVOR scrapes through by the skin of her teeth. SURVIVORS are victims of circumstance. Their goal is to simply “not be eliminated”. In this respect they are ONE dimensional. They are found in bleak, often hopeless, surroundings.

A SUR5OR lives by 5 important values (The secret success formula). They choose to be in a challenging situation and will always come out on top and in style! Their spirit is the very essence of the successful team players of the 21st century. They choose to be what they are. They have high ambitions. Their habitat is a landscape full of opportunity and promise.

Learning Outcomes

We gave Survivor the Dream Team treatment – kept the fun and challenge but cut out the selfishness and the destructive rivalry. The result is an absorbing, motivational program that will BUILD your team not tear it apart! Sur5or is less surviving – more thriving - YOUR company is full of Sur5or’s - we will give you a chance to prove it!

The theme provides a great background for a multi activity event that involves and enthralls everyone. It provides an opportunity for veterans of “The corporate jungle” to demonstrate that they have competitive, cognitive and survival instincts that are more valuable than the Rambo traits glamourised by film and TV programs the world over.

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