Amazing Race

Teambuilding meets travel

3 - 8 hours
20 - Unlimited


The Amazing Race, inspired by the popular TV reality series, is one of our most popular events and has been a best-seller for 12 years and has proven to be a sure fire hit with over 485 clients in all business sectors. Amazing Race features a host of challenging activities that take in famous and historical sites, monuments, landmarks and places of interest.

This multi-activity event utilizes cryptic clues, problem solving challenges, navigating with tablets and a host of media from cellphones and computer disks to the Internet and audio & video clipsto test the resourcefulness, teamwork and intelligence of your team.

We aim to prove that the human race really is amazing! You may wish to include more adventurous elements in your event. Options include self drive or chauffeured 4x4 or minibus, helicopters, GPS navigation, stunt aircraft, skydiving, scuba diving, climbing, abseiling, high ropes, quad bikes, archery, rafting and a whole lot more in a thrilling race against the clock!

Learning Outcomes

Amazing Race will reward teamwork, team building skills, leadership skills, creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and taking calculated risks. You'll never know where you’re going next or what you'll have to do once there. Each team’s relationship will be forever changed by their experience in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Each leg is a non-elimination leg and the teams soon discover that cooperative competition can bear more fruit than a “dog-eat-dog” approach.

Corporate Social Responsibility Outcomes

The Amazing Race is ideal as a vehicle for doing good and we can add a stop at a school, old age home, orphanage or hospice to complete an activity or challenge that will also make a difference in the lives of needy South African's

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