Motivation is when the right emotion, energy, fun and passion is created.

motivate your team

Motivation is when the right emotion, energy, fun and passion is created, so that people can be mobilised to commit heart and soul. Passion develops purpose in others. In order to become passionate about purpose, people need to get emotional. Speed, flexibility and innovation are all prerequisites of business today, and staff need to be motivated to stay focused. Skilled leaders are key in motivating individuals towards a common goal. Leaders can act as key influencers if they have persuasive personalities and multiple connections. Motivation is infectious. Motivating key people can influence an entire team, and once the beliefs and energies of a critical mass of people are focused, fundamental change can happen quickly. Visibility outside the group is another form of recognition. Make all group members visible, accountable and feel rewarded as much as possible. Make sure teams are not focus on negative behaviour but positive behaviours. Connect people one to one.

Several team networking exercises in the Catalyst portfolio focus on people socialising and getting to know each other on a personal level. We are all emotional beings and that enables a leader to drive purposefulness in others by capturing people's emotions. Emotions are essentially how people give of themselves so inspiring individuals to embrace the business' purpose, mission and values and, creating space for their own personal fulfilment and achievement. Such fulfilment comes from creating a combination of feeling one is contributing something valuable and that it is being appreciated. This needs to be a collective experience by the group. As humans we all need to belong. Belonging occurs when we are surrounded by those who feel the same about things, care like us and approach life with a similar value set. If all people in a team feel belonging, then people will be motivated.

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