Evening At the Races

A real racing experience!

2 - 3 hours
20 - Unlimited


Your valued guests will be able to experience all the intrigue, excitement and fun of horse racing without leaving the dining room or their seats for that matter. We guarantee a racing experience that they will never forget, whilst there is absolutely no chance that they can lose any money!

Your guests are given 2000 units of a fictitious currency (can be customised to the company & include bosses image!) and in between the dinner courses, are invited to bet on any horse of their choice in each of the five races. Each horse is named after and owned by one of the guests. The guest with the most money after the fifth race is the winner and receives a prize.

Learning Outcomes

Well-known racing personality Francois Wolfaardt in association with Gerry Skerritt and Theo de Villiers from Dream Team are your hosts for the evening. Acting as racecourse announcer, bookmaker and compere they will keep your guests laughing and entertained all the way to the bank....or bankruptcy!

Your guests will be able to study the form and choose a horse or horses that appeals to them and then cheer it home on a big screen as Francois adds real racecourse atmosphere with a live commentary.

Following the payout of the last race the winner(s) are decided and a prizegiving is held

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