Musical Bingo

We’ll get you rocking, singing and dancing in a fun filled atmosphere.

15 minutes - 1 hour
Competitive / Collaborative
2 - Unlimited


It’s just like regular bingo, but we have ditched and replaced the music with songs. All players get their unique digital playing card filled with 25 well-known songs randomly generated from a playlist of 75 smash hits (We can base this on the participant's favourite artists canvassed during the lead-up to the event). Our DJ will play 10-15 seconds of a wide variety of these tunes, and if it’s on your card, you click it on your digital card, pressing claim when you have a line of five. Beware false claims; they will be denied, and you will have to pay a forfeit, maybe singing along to “Oops, I did it again.”

Learning Outcomes

We create a high-energy, fun-filled atmosphere guaranteed to be a loud, fun-filled occasion with non-stop laughs, banter and great memories. We can add a pop quiz, karaoke competition or an “Open Mic” session to find the stars in your organisation. Rest assured, everyone will leave with spirits raised, connections made, and maybe bragging rights and a prize.

The winner is the first to successfully claim an agreed number of lines of 5, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Add dress-up and spot prizes for an even better experience.

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