GameShow Live

A highly entertaining interactive game show virtual or in person.

1 - 3 hours
20 - 5000


GameShow Live is a versatile activity that engages and energises. Using our advanced browser based platform that runs effortlessly on smartphones, tablets or laptops we guarantee a memorable experience filled with fun and energy.

Players scan a QR code, enter their name and select their team and then use their mobile phones to enter their answers. Scores are updated in real time with a live leaderboard.

Teams can be virtual for online events or tables at live events.

Choose from a vast array of rounds, including Let's Go to the Movies, Deal or No Deal, Under Pressure, 50-50, Sport, Music Mix, a quick-fire buzzer round and a special Who Wants to be a Millionaire section. We can also include a round especially designed for your company with questions on your products, services and people.

Our charismatic presenters keep the pace, energy and laughter at the highest level from start to finish.

Learning Outcomes

Breaking the ice can often be the hardest thing to do when meeting new people or working within a remote team. GameShow Live gets people talking, thinking and working together quickly and has been tried and tested to accelerate through the awkward phase of getting people comfortable in their new environment, therefore ensuring an increased participation rate and greater outcomes achieved.

Let the Dream Team quiz masters turn an ordinary event in to one that your staff or customers will talk about for years

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