Take A Guess

Quiz with a difference!

1 - 3 hours
20 - Unlimited


Our interactive show features a variety of stimulating media for a quiz with a difference. All teams play at once and their is no "waiting for your turn".Teams enter their answers on electronic keypad and scores are recorded in real time.

Choose from a vast array of rounds, including Let's Go to the Movies, Deal or No Deal, Under Pressure, 50-50, Sport, Music Mix, a quick-fire buzzer round and a special Who Wants to be a Millionaire section. We can also include a round especially designed for your company with questions on your products,services and people.

Our charismatic presenters keep the pace, energy and laughter at the highest level from start to finish.

Learning Outcomes

Ideal for pre-dinner, over dinner or after dinner and even during conference sessions as a lively energising interlude from the more formal sessions.

Let the Dream Team quiz masters turn an ordinary event in to one that your staff or customers will talk about for years

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